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Accutech Wrist Tag for LS2400 System 77S018

Accutech Wrist Tag for LS2400 System 77S018

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Accutech wander tags and wearables ship with the battery turned off. This allows for maximum useful battery life. The tag or wearable will need to be turned on using the ID-TAD or S-TAD before it is issued to a resident.
• An ID-TAD or S-TAD is required to activate your tag or wearable and is sold separately.

  • A small wristwatch sized tag device that is used with the Accutech ES, IS and LS wander management systems
  • Sends a signal to wander controller or wand, typically mounted at door locations, hallways, or elevators, when it enters a monitored zone
  • Tags are programmed to provide Resident Identification information for the ES, IS and LS versions of the Accutech ResidentGuard system
  • Size:
  • Wrist Style Tag: 1¼” x 1½” x ½”
  • Wheelchair Style Tag: 1½” x 1½” x ½”
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