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6500-3019 Quantum Multi-Call Pull Cord

6500-3019 Quantum Multi-Call Pull Cord

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The Quantum multi-call station is a wireless, battery-operated call device.  In addition to a traditional pull cord activation method, the residents can request assistance or check in using the touchpad on the face of the pull cord. Additionally, the pull cord comes with a 1/4" jack that can be used with a number of call cords, including press pads and breath call. An LED light and sounder provide visual and audible feedback when the device is activated.


  • pressing a large button
  • pulling a clean cord
  • using an optional call cord.

CHECK-IN FUNCTION: Residents can check in by pressing the easy-to-read button.


  • Multiple Functions
  • Alarm
  • Resident Check In
  • Staff Assist
  • Easy to Activate Touchpad
  • Built in 1/4" Jack
  • Built in Local Sounder
  • Includes Red Clean Cord
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